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Wedding makeup artist Shab Siarezi, makes all of this easy.

We are among the lowest rates of any Long Island Bridal Makeup Artist She has been featured on News 12 long island and has won many Wedding Wire awards. In fact she is the Top featured wedding makeup artist on the Wedding Wire website. Shab has been voted the best makeup artist in long island for many years. Shab does do Celebrities as well, as you will see among some of her work. We do have hair stylists as well as photographers we can suggest to you. If you already have your photographer and hair stylist, thats fine it makes no difference. The most important thing Shab can do is relax you, and let you know you are in the hands of a true professional. Shab has been a top makeup artist for 16 years! Bring in a picture of what you would like, or let Shab make her own suggestions.

Shab is one of the best makeup artists on long island. You are in good hands.

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                                                   The Top Wedding Makeup Artist in Long Island, NY

                  Top Wedding makeup artist Shab Siarezi suggestions:

I will know what works—and what doesn't on you. 
Wedding makeup is a whole different animal then normal daily makeup. Even if you’re generally pretty good when it comes to your your daily routine, there are certain techniques, trends and skills that top wedding makeup artists in Long Island know to use for important events like your wedding! Your everyday makeup might be totally melted down by the time you kick off your evening. 



                                           I do very good work and fast. 

So you’re good at makeup, but add on all the pressures of your wedding morning (time passing by faster than it ever has, your bridesmaids and mother chatting at a mile a minute all around you, bags and bags of your stuff sprawled out everywhere, a million last-minute things on your to-do list) and you could face some serious adversity. Shab Siarezi as a wedding makeup artist on the other hand? I am used to working under pressure. So you can sit down, get pretty, and get on with your big day, without second-guessing whether your smokey eye will take a few times to get right or your mascara will accidentally drag across your perfectly applied foundation and you’ll have to start all over. If all you hire me for as your wedding makeup artist is to shorten your time and cut down on stress on your wedding morning, it’s worth the money—trust me. I will put you at ease. I actually love being a Long Island Wedding Makeup Artist!


              I don't get upset with changes and re-do's, you get what you want 

You might have a bridesmaid who offered to do your makeup, but think about it The main difference between makeup-loving pals and top wedding makeup artists whom you’re paying is you’re paying us! So you can be picky to get the look you like, ask them to redo things over and over again, and not worry about hurting my feelings This is the most photographed day of your life! I will make you look great. I want a perfect look for you just as much as you do,you’re on the same team with me in wanting a great finished product, no matter how much tweaking it takes. We are always voted one of the top wedding makeup artist in Long Island, every year. That happens by making my customers happy and relaxed.


As a Professional Makeup Artist Shab will tell you how what to hide or emphasize in your image. The beauty lies in the details of trends, the choice of eye colors and skin colors. We are experienced professionals and guarantee you a unique result. We will provide you with the highest quality of our service. You will have trial, where you can decide exactly what look you want. The Trial is Free. Call Shab today for an appointment  1-631-889-1560

  1. You want a worry-free wedding day

  2. You want guaranteed long-lasting makeup

  3. You want someone they can trust even before the actual wedding

  4. You want a photo-friendly natural makeup look

  5. I know what you want and I will get you there.  Call  1 631-889-1560

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Shab's simply Amazing! She made me look better than what I had in mind. Even had some of my other friends inquiring about her availability! You will not regret picking her. Plus, it also lasts the whole day.

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